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I’m very independent. Sometimes to the point if stubbornness. I’m not gonna lie. I just really like earning things myself. Today my store startled me (as well as a number of my co-workers, but I’ll explain that part later), this seems to happen to me a lot. The more I try not to get help…the more people insist on helping me. I am quite lovingly exasperated by it.

Today it rained buckets. Usually that doesn’t really bother me. Have raincoat will travel. My manager asked if my jeans were soaked through and I said they weren’t (they weren’t wet beyond the cuffs really) she offered to buy me a set of clothing, even going so far as to suggest the store pay for wet-gear (rain pants, raincoat, and hat) for me.

I smiled and said I was fine (because I was). She mentioned it again later, emphasising that it would be a store charge because it’s for my needs as a cart-pusher. Once again I declined. I wasn’t bothered all that much by the rain.

My store provides THE absolute best things for my work needs. They provide hand-warmers and toe warmers in the winter, coupled with heaters in the entry and exit points of my store, and work gloves to keep our hands warm. In the Summer, they provide us with Sunblock, Ice-filled coolers of Gatorade and water, and washcloths we can dip into ice to cool the back of our necks. They offer extensive first-aid supplies as well.

I didn’t say no to be difficult, I am just super use to making do and, having lived in the UK, was quite use to rain.

Later, it got quite a bit colder and my jeans DID finally get soaked through once it bagan to rain more heavily. It was the cold that started to make me miserable. I totally hate it when my gloves get wet and once I removed them it got exponentially more uncomfortable with the cold air hitting the skin of my palms.

Since it was only an hour until close I did what I always do. I carried on. Once I got inside though…I started shivering and decided I’d just buy myself some dry jeans and a t-shirt without telling anyone. I picked out some clothes and went to the till to find….my supervisor waiting for me. Well, shit!

Let’s just say she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Took my clothes from me and paid for them, in fact. I love the people I work with..they make me accept the help I’m not use to having offered to me.

This was kinda hit home when I was sitting in the break room and another supervisor came in. He smiled at me and said “You are really stubborn. Just let people do nice things for you. We want to do nice things for just need to let us. You work hard and people notice. That’s WHY we like doing nice things for you. It’s how we show you we noticed your efforts.”

Well, shit.

My company is kinda awesome. The employees get a share of the profit from sales. This paycheck a share dropped in and all the employees saw a tidy increase in their paychecks. I was unprepared for it. I had no idea about this profit share thing and I was truly excited by the extra money. It definitely helps ease my mind with the whole pandemic situation making everyone soo scared about the possibilities of their jobs being shut-down or of losing work to illness.

Then, my store went one step further. They announced that if our store closes due to the virus, we will all be covered for 2 weeks paid leave AND, if we ourselves fall ill the same applies with no loss of job or points for absence. They also promised that if anyone needs to take time off to care for a relative or child who isn’t in school, it won’t count against our absentee counts. Then, they made everyone’s jaw drop with an announcement.

They are giving every single team member a bonus of $300 for all our work with the panic buying and assisting our customers during these difficult times AND they are pushing forward the next share drop for the end of April instead of its normal 4 month wait period, as they said people need that reassurance now. We made more than 51% more than last year’s profit for this and last month so we are pretty certain to meet this years sales goals.

This is big! Those people who were panicking over the possibility of not being able to make ends meet are now breathing much easier. My company did that for us. Truly, I am grateful.

With the extra pay period in April, I am pretty confident I will be ok financially. I won’t need any additional loans should I be forced to go into isolation for any reason. Phew!!





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