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Well, technically it’s now Sunday, but since I’m talking about how my day went we’ll call it Saturday.

Work was surprisingly good. I’m still slightly alarmed by families ALL coming to the store together. Why do they bring the ENTIRE family shopping with them? I mean, even babies! It’s not a normal day! There are health concerns!

Yes, I totally get that you need to get groceries and EVERYONE is going stir-crazy at home. But, IT’S TIME TO GET A CLUE! People need to travel as little as possible..not bring MORE CHANCES OF SOMEONE SHARING OR CATCHING THE VIRUS in the form of your ENTIRE FAMILY.


Honestly, the best course of action is not going to the store together. It’s not an outing, it’s a desperate need to get provisions.

Instead, people are walking into the store like it’s Sun-time Fun-time. Sigh***

My grandmother told me about Polio once and how everyone was terrified of it. “The first major polio epidemic in the United States occurred in 1916 and reached its peak in 1952. Of the 57,628 reported cases, there were 3,145 deaths.” That’s a lot of freaking years ok! The scariest part was that it mostly affected kids under the age of 5 and caused paralysis.

These things need to be taken seriously. It can’t be “life as usual” I only leave my apartment to go to work or to get food. That’s it. That’s all. Because if I get it I can live with it and consider it fate, but if I give it to another person without knowing I have got it…It would hurt my heart forever!

The truth about this pandemic is that it can only be slowed down. It can’t easily be stopped without people actively working together. Take it seriously!

It slowed down at work at 4:30. It was incredibly nice given that these days I’m all alone out there.

My boss is concerned about me. Since I take the bus she’s terribly concerned about what I will do if they cancel buses in my area. They have already placed barriers on the bus so that we can’t sit close to the drivers, and now they have moved the bus schedule from every 30 min to every hour. I reassured her and said I’d take Lyft if I had to, but…tonight proved I am probably in trouble if the buses get canceled…because, there were no lyft drivers available when I got off work! 0 none. If not for a co-worker I might not have had a way home tonight.

Soo..I have to face the reality that if the buses are cancelled I might not be able to get to work. With the money I am putting into savings I should be ok for a month if needed, but I need to consider a plan for the long-haul just in case this thing lasts longer than that. Hmmmm…

Time to get out my calculator.


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