Thoughts on love

What do you do when you lose the one you wanted most, because you were busy looking to see if they were?

A wise man said that if you can’t decide if you love someone, then you don’t.

Because, the truth is, you do know. You knew immediately. You knew the moment you saw them that first time. The rest is just bullshit. You aren’t uncertain, you’re scared.

Scared that you will get hurt, scared you will look foolish, scared you might not be right.

The truth is…your heart wouldn’t have wasted time. It’s your head that ruins it for you.

There is a belief that if your heart loves someone it is because they are it for you. The hesitating is because you don’t trust what your heart says.

Maybe you WILL get hurt. MAYBE you WILL look foolish. MAYBE you WILL not be right. But, if you were right and missed your chance…how much would you regret NOT allowing it hurt. NOT allowing yourself to be foolish. NOT just allowing yourself to be wrong.

Allowing yourself the right to just love someone even if it makes you the biggest doof in the room.

Because, wouldn’t care one bit about being a doof. You wouldn’t care about anything behind you if you leapt and realized…you were right and you had a joyful future in front of you.

Me, I’m always the biggest doof in the room every single time. I haven’t got a single regret . I always love with complete trust in myself. The problem for me, is getting them to admit they love me too.

Which, kinda sucks. If I’m honest.



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