In case you were concerned

I present proof that I am fully stocked for eating during this pandemic. Just because I can’t cook, doesn’t mean I can’t use a microwave, put meat and cheese on bread, or cook pasta. Lol

Love you guys. Please stop worrying.

Ps. I have more sour cream than I could ever eat in an 8 month period and will gladly share with anyone in desperate need of a nacho fix.

I’m not including photos of my counter-space as I fear how cluttered it looks and, how you might tease me about it, so I left it out of the photos. I will however, admit that said counter (and top of fridge) is currently filled with 2 K-cup variety coffee packs, a gigantic bag of tortilla chips, 2 medium bags of regular chips, a 6 pack of cherry pepsi, 21 hot cocoa single serve packets, 3 croissants, tea boxes (like 5) and a gigantic box of Club crackers that will probably stale before I can eat them all.


Seriously, you shouldn’t be worried about my not having enough food. It might actually be more apt to tease me about having too much. (Ahem)


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