Wow! Way to piss me off World Lifestyle

World challenged me with a quiz to “Find out what American accent I actually have!” So, I thought, “This could be fun!”

Nope. Not even close.

I wasted 5 minutes of my life I can’t get back clicking questions with the most annoying AD FRENZIED PAGES you will ever see!

Only to be told when I finally completed the inane plethora of questions, that I only got 34% correct. Ummm…say wha?

This was to determine where I’m from asshats. Therefore, impossible to get wrong. Mistake #1.

Then, they had the nerve to give me the result of….”You are an infant” Wha? Mistake #2 asshat! (Let’s try to ignore the fact that they used a instead of an, when everyone knows you use an with any word that begins with a vowel)



Why not just admit I have obviously lived in many places and thus, cannot be pinned down linguistically. Instead of calling me an infant because you can’t figure me out. You big hairy butt monster!

Consider me triggered! You complete pusbag of incompetence. You ad pushing geek-pond of stupidity and flatulence. Go fuck a feather bed! You suck tangerine ass!

There. I feel better now.

(I am kinda proud of my creative swearing to be honest. I even minimized the curse-words….a little)

My cursing almost sounds like an ode to The Princess Bride. Heh..Team Wesley for the win!

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