Literally nothing

It’s been quite uneventful. I’m actually quite glad of that. Work is slower as people take care to only come out for essential purchases.

I would like to see less people venturing out with their ENTIRE family in tow. It says essential traveling people! Not, “I’m sick of my family so we all decided to come out shopping!” (It legit makes me want to paddle grown adults)

I get that some people have no choice, like single parents, but I just shake my head when 5-7 people get out of a vehicle to go shopping for food. Especially, when part of their party consists of grandparents, pregnant women, and children.

It makes me sigh* They just don’t get it. They self-isolate all week and then fuck it all up by all going shopping on Saturday like it’s a carnival event.

Stay home! Every time you come out in groups you are increasing your chances of getting the virus by the number of people in your group. It should be only for essential AND as little people as possible!

By coming out as an entire group on weekends they basically negate everything they did by staying inside all week long. Please, stay home!

Anyway, here’s a few photos of me getting ready for work because I can’t think of anything else to say.



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