Don’t be a dick

Nothing gets my back up quite like abusive customers.

Lately, those same folks who profusely appreciated us for maintaining our cool during the panic buying rushes, have begun verbally abusing our cashiers for not changing their gloves after every single transaction.

Let me tell you something. Those gloves are for their protection, not the customers. The amount of people cashiers check out at my store is a ridiculous amount. 200-300 people a day..on one cash register. One. Now add in 5-6 more registers and calculate that out. That’s a lot of freaking gloves ok! Are you aware of the shortage of gloves during this pandemic?? We can’t change gloves on every transaction. It’s just not possible. I’m sorry, but it’s not.

People panicking about Covid-19 on store packages need to really read about Covid-19 on packaging and get educated. Not to mention, lots of customers have touched that box you ALSO touched putting it into your cart. Our employees are temp checked every day before they can come into work. If we have a temp above 100 we get sent home for 3 days until our temp checks out. Therefore, it isn’t our employees we gotta worry about (might wanna turn that finger around). We also offer self-checkout for those that are concerned beyond rational thinking. Don’t tell me the lines are too long because they aren’t. The stream of customers is steady but not extreme. So why are they yelling at my cashiers? Because they are stressed? Because it makes them feel better to have someone to blame for their situation? Well, that’s just rude.

The level of verbal abuse being piled on my cashier friends is revolting (you kiss your mama with that mouth?) They aren’t in charge of how much you can and can’t buy. They don’t control the store. They are just trying to feed their families.

These people make barely $10-$11 an hour and could stay home if they want without any repercussions (That’s a statement from corporate) They come to work because they can’t afford financially to miss work AND they care about helping during this crisis.

So, do me a favor and don’t be a dick at the grocery store.

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