What I like to call “WTF?” weather

Literally the weirdest weather I’ve ever seen today. The sun was full-on out and it was blowing snow like it was a snowstorm. I just paused like…”Is this for real?”

It went on like that for the entire day! Sun one second and snow the next. It was surreal.

My fibro is freaking out and there is not an area on my body that isn’t in intense pain right now. Not trying to complain..just stating facts. My wrist, in particular, is being a butt.

My boss stood up for me today and it wasn’t in a small way.

See, people have been buying trampolines like nuts at my store. Don’t ask me, I don’t really get it either (shrugs). I guess kids with extra energy need to bounce the energy out before their parents murder them, or something. On Saturday we sold like 6 of them in a row.

Those suckers weigh 190 lbs. It’s safe to say I can’t lift that much. I can handle about 60 lbs without calling for help (in case you wondered)

Anyway, one of the lead managers (I won’t give his name to be polite) likes to stick me with loading these heavy motherfuckers by myself. I keep getting hurt trying to load them because (lets be honest) customers kinda suck at loading heavy stuff ok!

Anyway, today he called me on the walkie and was like “Hey, I need you to help a customer load a trampoline. Let me know if you need help.” I was actually surprised he actually offered to help if I asked for it, (to be honest) he usually just tells me about it and I have to beg for help.

Before I could respond, my store manager came on and said to the entire team over the walkie “No, you will go help her load it! We all know how heavy those things are! If you know something is coming out heavy you all should be automatically assuming Bekki needs assistance.” (Especially team-lift items) “This is why Bekki keeps getting hurt out there tryna lift heavy stuff all alone.”

The lead then tried to defend himself saying that usually the customer assists me, to which she replied

“We cannot be assuming the customer will be responsible for lifting that heavy a product properly for Bekki. They aren’t her team-mates, you all are!”

I guess she was tired of seeing it happen and wanted everyone to know about it.

I’m pretty sure he hates me now. Sigh*

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