Soo..yesterday I got a nasty surprise on the bus. I was riding the bus downtown to catch my main bus when, this large and quite obnoxious guy got onto the bus.

There were lots of open seats but he decided to sit in the seat next to me. I have no problem with large people, I’m not exactly tiny myself, but this guy practically squashed me into the window showing no respect for my personal space.

He talked loudly and his manner was somewhat aggressive. Midway there, he turns in the seat and smirks at me and then raises his voice (to better be heard by the entire bus) and shouted into my masked face “Do you have the Corona Virus of not??!!!!”

I didn’t answer. He didn’t deserve a reaction. If he actually thinks people only wear the mask because they have the virus or fear it, he deserves himself.

Once we got to the stop he stood but refused to move out of the seat, blocking my path deliberately. At this point I was well and truly mad. Which…is honestly a feat as I’m not given to easy anger. Frustration…yes. Outright anger…no. I shoved him aside and exited the bus.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand. Why do people like this get away with their behaviors? There were other people on the bus but nary a single one of them spoke up. Not even the bus driver.



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