I’m sorry for laughing when you fucked up

But, in my defense, it was fucking hilarious!

Only my sister could do this.

I alerted Shay to the fact that her Facebook must have been hacked because someone sent me a messenger text that could not have been her in a million years..

For one thing, the person was kinda polite…umm..

We are sisters..not strangers soo..saying a polite hello when our usual sisterly commentary is…well…NOT. (Just think bathroom humor, smug smart-ass-ness and an occasional threat to kill each other and you got us.) Is tantamount to shouting fire in a quiet room.

Just as having a text from me suddenly acting like a grown up would alert her to it not being me, having my Scorpio, potty-mouth-blessed sister-and -bestie suddenly politely texting “Hello, how are you doing” is like shouting “This is a hacker hello!!!!!!!!”

(What? We is as we is!)

Anyway. Shay has apparently been de-stressing after working a 10 hr shift at the hospital and was feeling a bit…um..to quote her “I’m 2 drinks in!!” And after I suggested she change her password.. Um ..managed to..um…change the working language of her messenger account to..well..Chinese.

She was not amused when I typed back that only she could fix a problem by creating a new one. Cause, let’s be honest. That hacker ain’t getting nothing with that setting in place.

I snort laughed and attempted not to give away that I was completely losing my shit laughing at her but.. since she knows me..I did not succeed.

She did finally fix the problem…

Is it wrong of me to say that I can’t wait to use this new material at a future time?

(Files it away)



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