Classics may age, but they never lose their value.

I wrote this piece in 2013 of this same date. Interesting. I don’t remember writing it, but the writing kept its integrity. Nice! (It goes without saying that this just as easily applies to married women right?)

All men make a decision in life.

They have two books before them. The one on the left is worn from much reading. It has spots of age and its pages have gotten loose and the binding is somewhat crooked from waiting by your bedside. You have it memorized, it is so well known to you. You can recite it by heart and, though there are no secrets left in its pages, it still manages to make you feel happy, so happy you return, again and again to its side. It is a classic story and it sings to your soul. There is a part of your history there, it is a rich and lovely grouping of not only memories, but feelings that infuse each blessed page you peer into.

The other book is new and sleek. It has a splashy eye catching cover. It reeks of sexual provocation. Just looking at it makes you feel new and full of clever ideas and the essence of something young and hip. Unfortunately this book is missing pages. It has a story in its pages but the characters are hyped up and one dimensional, full of snappy commentary and paper thin plot lines and the back story is buried under superficial concerns rather than engrossing struggles . The essence of beauty is not there, its outer beauty a clever trap to get you to fork over hard earned cash so as to appear young and cosmopolitan.

Now choose. The woman you married who is no longer quite so new and fresh, or the new young woman who thinks your age and steady income makes you cute and sexy.

If you chose the sleek model you have just selected surface over content. I think you will find you have lost out on a classic that contains the world of who you are and who you once were.

Married men always get to this point where they can get their head turned by a woman who makes them feel young and vital again. They think they are no longer as interesting or charismatic as they once were.

Certain young women often use this to get themselves taken care of without having to put in real effort or struggle.

If a man gets fooled in this manner he soon learns that the young woman doesn’t have the same depth and feeling as the one he foolishly hurt. The truth is..a woman who chooses a man in this manner is never going to truly love him, because she did not struggle with him to make a life. She merely hijacked the work of another woman for herself, there is no depth in that kind of woman.


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