My head is going to pop off

At least it feels like it. Translating notes into my own words and impressions using a cell phone screen is nutso cutlet and yet, it’s how I work best. (Dammit)

I’m getting a migraine and thus, need to stop for the day. I have enough respect for migraines to know they ain’t playing. Ignore the warning ouchies and you end up lying in a dark room wishing you could actually remove your head for a few hours. True story.

I have gotten about 3 done and I’m pleased with the work so, there is that.

I need to wash my laundry anyway. Don’t ask…it’s a tiny mountain at this point. I need to stop buying jeans. (It’s an obsession)

One last thing…The girls (younger than me) at work tell me they find me interesting…I was baffled and told them so…I am very very boring. They disagreed and I am currently attempting to determine what the hell they find so interesting about neurotic lil me. Nope, still not seeing it. Maybe boring looks interesting when you are in your 20’s?



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