Little rewards

When I was at my poorest, I always took a bit of money each paycheck and saved up for moments to reward myself with little pleasures. It was never much, $10-20, but the feeling of being able to have “something nice” gave me a sense of control over my life.

The things I purchased were always quite sensible things that I really needed or that added to a current hobby (like sewing) in this way I kept myself from spending beyond my means.

Fast-forward to today and, to my surprise, I have actually become an expert at budgeting my money. Those careful days have taught me what I can live without and what I can’t. I spend just over $1000 a month for all my needs. As a result, I have now begun to have money for new things. New things!! (Sqweeee!!!)

I am still sensible with it. I never buy what I can’t afford to pay off within a month if I use my credit card. I only buy what I truly need to make my life easier or more enriched. I never buy on impulse (except junk food…heh) and the things I buy must have durability and good quality for the money.

I guess I’m just sharing this because I feel weird sometimes buying stuff even though I deserve them. I deserve nice things, but I have never had SOO MANY nice things I could afford to buy before. It’s making me a bit weepy. Imagine that! I’m weepy over owning a coffee machine and some nice dishware! I’m such a Bekki!




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