I’m shedding

I use to have plausible deniability when it came to finding loose hair. I could happily assume any and all hair I came across might possibly belong to family members, anyone but me. Nope, not me. Nope. I don’t lose hair and find it in icky places ( like the shower drain) Nope, not me..nuh-uh!

Now, I #1 live alone,  #2 I kinda have silver hair so it’s glaringly easy to spot.(apparently every-fucking-where), and #3 if I did find any other hair in my apartment I should probably call the police or investigate to see if a cat snuck in.

Soo..the cold fact has set in. I should probably seek a doctor because my hair is every-fucking-where! Like, how the hell do I still have some on my damn head?!!! I find it on my comforter. In my shower. In the fricken bathroom sink. Even though I don’t wash my hair in it!!! WTF??!! It’s on my clothes. Gets caught in my glasses and my ring. I am starting to worry I might have enough hair lying around to make a hair pet…yay attractive NOT!!

Help. I’m shedding and my growing hair pile is going to clone me in my sleep….maybe.






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