Apparently, I have been parting my hair incorrectly all this time

I was bored so I played with my hair. (It’s a girl thing) and I discovered that my hair looks kinda cute this way as apposed to the way I usually do it. Ooookkkaayy..then.

I wear a hat at work 99.2% of the time soo.. I only get to play with it on my days off…soo cut me some slack.

Both Annah and Kristen, at work, made me laugh because the other day I took off my hat, after coming inside, and neither of them recognized me. Kristen said she almost asked me if I needed assistance and Annah said something like “I didn’t know you had hair!” Which made her blush, but I knew what she meant.

Whenever I feel low I park myself in front of my fan and take selfies of increasing dorkiness until I crack. Here are today’s beauts.



Leave me alone. I’m an introvert, this is exciting as I get.

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