Small voices of great love

Work was terribly hard today and I was expecting to be grumpy this evening. After all, my feet hurt and my neck has a pinched nerve and..and..and..

It’s weird. We always have 3 million reasons to be dissatisfied..but, we also have small voices of great love. Someone smiled at me today. Someone else offered me a lift home rather than my having to catch a bus. They said “Don’t worry. We’ll get you home. No problem!”

I am terribly achy and my heart is deeply worried about my mum. I won’t go into that ( kinda private) but I’m crying a lot and sometimes the feelings rise up out of the blue. I want to yell at people and find myself muttering under my breath. My friend, Kazza sent me a message with her love during this difficult time. I felt seen. I felt loved. I felt comforted. Immediately my irritations and small grumblings made sense. I’m not irritated…I’m scared.

Small voices of great love.

I read about harsh voices and hateful comments being raised during the pandemic, and I realize…people are scared. They are scared but hide it under anger and irritation. They are terribly, terribly scared. They just want all this to go away.

The raised voices are easier to hear, but the small voices are the ones that I am going to listen to…they lead somewhere that fear cannot survive. Acceptance and love.

Small voices of great love. I choose that path instead.

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