Meh, meh and meh

I need to clean this place. All week long I’ve made a mess of my place and it’s making me bonkers. Days off mean cleaning in my language so, that’s what I’m up to. ( or will be once I pry my ass from this super soft and comfy bed)

Work this week was hell. I’m not even gonna lie. With only 2 shift cart-pushers on weekdays we are usually fine, on a normal day. The problem is, these days aren’t normal. People just can’t seem to stay home. My store is busier now than before the pandemic (I’m totally not joking) It feels like the busiest weekend day (Sat) EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

People are also grumpier, more inconsiderate, and just a tad oblivious to other people’s feelings. I don’t know why, but they seem to take the pandemic as an excuse to be less socially respectful. I am finding carts left everywhere and often full of trash from their cars (because drive-up fast food is apparently the new cool trend and they eat the food in their cars and leave the wrappers in the conveniently available carts)

My body hurts. I cried at work more than once this week. It’s hard to get anyone who wants a job pushing carts, let alone someone who does an adequate job of it, so I understand why it’s taking soo long to fill the rec, but my body is taking a serious pounding. I also have my own family stress adding to my situation.

Soo..yeah, It’s bliss to be at home right now. I have bacon and eggs in my frig, the thick-cut yum kind of bacon too! ( I’m totally going to be sprinkling it with brown sugar) My tummy also wants toast and a smoothie. I eat badly during the work-week. I only truly cook on my days off. I really need to change that.

I have all these cool cooking magazines I should start planning cooking days. I have the enthusiasm but not the strength. I think I’ll wait until after my vacation to get ambitious, even though I might enjoy the distraction of looking through cooking recipes. I got other things that need doing first.

As for my vacation. (Wiggles in place happily) I am going to plot my packing and entertainment situation today! Packing is actually fun for me. I savor it everytime I travel. It’s like the “possibility” part of planning my trip. First goes the setting aside of clothing I want to wear. Then, I plot my entertainment. What will I sew? What will I read? What do I need in case the apocalypse happens? All this is plotted.

Let’s see, what else? Ah! Yes! I will need toiletries and proper shoes. My camera and charger cords. My writing paperwork and my notebooks. I’m hoping I’ll get some writing and sewing those go in also.

I am soo looking forward to this! I’ll be there 6 days. I’m actually off work for 12, but I will spend some of that unwinding once I get home.

If I can’t do anything because of the pandemic, I’ll at least get to do it somewhere else.

I’m staying in an art gallery. I was warned that Long Beach heats up at night. Fine by me! I don’t usually go to bed until 2 am.

Soo..sweet & sour my life this week.

Story of my life really.






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