Mothers Day vibe

The first time I heard this song (while pregnant) I cried my eyes out. I had tried for 6 years to get pregnant and gave up on it ever happening. 2 months later it finally happened. My entire pregnancy felt like a gift, even though it was fraught with problems. (Gall stones, lock jaw, C-section, Hemorrhoids) I loved every minute of my pregnancy and I love being Z’s mom!

I always fall in love with children, even the ones that aren’t mine.

This song has the power to make me cry every single time.

Happy Mother’s Day. Even if you haven’t yet been blessed, or lost a child that you wanted, or have fur babies or plant babies, you are still a mother. Mother is in the heart that loves. Mother isn’t just a physical’s a dream and a wish and a heart that cares.

I love being a mom.


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