Canon Rebel

I finally did it! I bought myself a new camera! Omg! It’s expensive..and indulgent and and and…oh fuck! I bought it because I have always wanted one and have never, never, ever dared spend more than $500 on, ever! (Bites nails) (I have spent more then that on plane tickets or vacations but generally those expenditures were saved up over a span of years!)

I bought myself a new camera!!!!!

A brand new SLR that wasn’t used, or secondhand, or borrowed from a friend. A brand new one! ( I promise you I am physically vibrating in place right now)

I know I should be looking at my budget and carefully plotting my retirement…and I will. There is just this moment of HAZZAH happening inside me at the moment. HAZZAH HAZZAH HAZZAH!!

Don’t inner Capricorn will return to normal very soon.


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