Dad, How Do I?

I have a slow drain problem. My bathroom sink has a drain the size of a dime. Soooo small and the plug doesn’t leave more than a tiny gap for the water to get through. I was unsure what to do about it and happened upon the Youtube channel called: “Dadhowdoi” He started the channel because his dad walked out on his family when he was a kid and now, as an adult himself, his goal is to teach boys without dads how do stuff. I bet he didn’t realize it, but he’s also helping girls who’s dad’s passed away. Namely me. I noticed more than one post saying the same thing’s a thing.

Anyway, I learned a lot from his “How to unclog a sink drain” video. I did what he suggested and…”Eeeeeeewwww” my sink spewed the smelliest black slime you ever saw in your life!!!!! The old tenant definitely never cleaned the P trap even once the entire time they lived can bet on it!  The p trap was dis-gus-ting!

The smell alone would mug a horse! Then, there was a black slimey what-ever-the-hell-that-was!!

I think Dadhowdoi rocks! He made me smile. My dad would have liked him for sure!

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