Plant babies

It’s maybe/ possibly/probably getting a wee bit out of control. I now have 8 plants. (Who is this crazy plant lady and why is she wearing my underwear??)

Thus far, I have adopted a cactus (Don Prickles), a bonsai (Ping), an English Ivy (Miss Kitty) and an Aloe Vera plant (Paxil)

They have definite personalities.

Don Prickles, is a morning plant. He loves looking out the window in the morning. He cracks me up with his pink flower all bushy-tailed and twitchy with interest in what’s going on out the window.

Ping, is more laid-back. He keeps sprouting little white blooms that fall off. I am not sure but maybe I need to consult someone about why they aren’t thriving. He’s philosophical about it but I’m determined to get it right. I’m pretty sure he needs a new pot and some better fertilizer. He likes lots of water, but doesn’t get enough sun.

Miss Kitty, is the most timid. She has really beautiful leaves and has been spreading herself out a bit. I just wish Paxil would stop being mean to her..lil snot! She’s a shy girl and I think I saw her brighten up when she spotted the new plants when they arrived. 2 Hydrangea, another Ivy (but not. an English) and a Fern. 2 girls and 2 boys. I’m pretty sure one of the Hydrangeas is a gay male. He’s vibrant and slightly showy. I adore him! I think he’ll get the other’s out of their shells. I wonder what their names are?

Then, there is my problem child! Naughty little Paxil. He keeps catching Miss Kitty’s leaves and tangling them. (The plant version of pulling her hair) and he refuses to sit up straight in his pot. He strikes me as a rebellious teen. I’ll post photos of all of them very soon. My legs and feet hurt too much after work to move at the moment.

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