Mini Cooper ❤

Everyone has that ONE CAR they just can’t help but lust over. For me it happened while I was living in Stafford, UK. Every day while walking I’d check in the car dealership to make sure it was still there. My Mini Cooper.


My friend, M teased me endlessly over it. Saying “It’s such an old car why you like THAT one?”

I dunno…I just do. He likes me and I like him.

They didn’t have any cars like the Mini Cooper in the US.

M’s sister, Hannah bought a red one with white stripes. I loved getting a ride in it.


Imagine my expression when upon returning to the US after a year away, to find them in the US!! They introduced them in the US while I was away.

Today, in the parking lot I spotted a black and yellow one. My heart said “That’s a Bee car!” I may have drooled.

Look at her! She’s soo pretty.





Of course, this one (above) is my favorite paint style and car design combined. Win-win. Isn’t she pretty? If I got to choose my own it would have to be this one. She’s got that old classic body I first fell in love with, coupled with the paint job I’d be most attracted to. She’s just soo perfect!!

One day I will own one of my own…one day.

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