Oh my dogness!

Is it weird that I have a list of dogs I want to own one day? Complete with names? That’s not…weird..is it? Okay, okay! It’s weird but, I have wanted a dog for a long ass time. I have never lived anywhere that I can have a dog. Even this apartment only allows cats. I am waiting until I have a proper home for a dog because he or she would be a member of my family and that takes a firm commitment. One day…sigh*

Here is my list of choices (please don’t roll your eyes)


Chocolate Lab: Hershey. I grew up in Pennsylvania and have always wanted to name a “chocolate” lab after the “chocolate” bar. I grew up with labs and love them completely. (prefer a boy)


Golden Retriever: Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird) or Scout (for a girl dog)


Greyhound: Hope. I like the name Hope as a nod to my favorite poet Emily Dickinson and her poem titled “Hope”.  I met rescue greyhounds at an event years ago and fell completely in love with them. They are soo lovable!! (Prefer a girl)

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