My thoughts on the riots

There is much wrong with our country. It’s coming to light, not because it wasn’t always there (because it was) but, because people have been in isolation and the normal distractions haven’t been there to keep them asleep..and with waking, comes awakening. People aren’t just becoming discontent, they are finally tired of pretending they haven’t been all along.

Black Lives Matter. Children and women are not merely vessels for sexual needs. They also aren’t punching bags for the angry and frustrated.  Alcohol and drug addictions are at an all-time high. Starvation wages are (surprise!) literally starving people. The cost of health care, dental care, and preventative care is also, at an all-time high. Mental health has been treated as something to hide.  Racism has gained support in the white house making racism go from something to hide (from people who are violently opposed to it) to something proudly proclaimed and acted upon. The rich own government and apparently, Fox News.

Our country has been separated deliberately to distract people from the issues they are only now reacting to.

You think it’s an accident that we have been in-fighting with one another? It’s not! It’s all about keeping the 1% in control and that means controlling the lower class. That includes our bodies. Our income. Our health and our education. You think it’s an accident that we have to go to college and increase our debt just to get a good job? You think it’s an accident mail-in voting has been prevented? You think it’s an accident medical prescriptions are getting more expensive?  That there are bars and liquor stores on every block? It’s not! It’s all about keeping the poor under control.

Want to prevent the lower class from procreating and becoming the majority? Outlaw abortion and planned parenting, make medical care hard to get, pay them as little as possible, prevent immigrants from coming into the country, keep the poor fat and easily killed by making fattening food cheap and healthy food expensive. Make alcohol easy to get. Side with the gun manufacturers, encourage racism, make the blue collar poor blame the immigrants and other cultures for their problems. This is America and this is how oppression happens.

I’m soo fucking tired of hearing people shout “Make America Great Again” It’s only ever been great for one demographic. Upper Middle Class White Men. That’s it! That’s all.

They liked what it use to be like. Women desperate to be married. Alcoholism, abuse, rape, abortion, racism, sexism and child molestation all swept under the rug so as not to “upset” the men who paid the bills. Nevermind that they were usually the ones responsible for these things.

Nope. Give us sports and hot cars. Give us easy women and socially acceptable bigotry towards gays and lesbians. Hide away the defective and mentally challenged. Give us social drugs and control over women and children. Give us casual cruelty and suppressed housewives. Give us swaggering male superiority and arrogance. Give us women who sit in their kitchens bare-foot, pregnant and terrified to be socially shunned.

The problem is, that people have started to change the demographics and the white patriarchy doesn’t fucking like it.

So, this is why. This is why people are rioting. They are awake and they see the truth. America isn’t great. It never has been. It has potential to be..but, that means changing to fit ALL its people! Not just the richest, the most religious or the whitest! That means making the people who like things just as they are, very very uncomfortable.

Rich, White, and Bigoted America needs to accept that they aren’t going to put the poor and underfed cat back into the box. That cat is out and she’s pissed motherfucker!


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