Cheapoair is a rip-off

I will NEVER use them for booking a flight EVER AGAIN. They literally cannot be reached. In fact, their voicemail AND their emails come back as being “full”.

I was on hold with them for 30 min when La Crosse Airport called me about my email.

The good news is that La Crosse Airport has AMAZING people who went above and beyond to help me fix this entire mess. They rescheduled my flight for the 7th and even let me extend my trip to the 15th. I’m praying my Airb&b will let me change and extend my trip dates with them. If not I’ll be getting a hotel for the 11-15th dates. I ain’t playing around anymore. vacation in Long Beach will be longer, but slightly shifted. I still CANNOT believe Cheapoair screwed it up that badly. (Their itinerary lists me leaving from La Crosse, but when I went to Check-in with American Airlines I learned Cheapoair actually has me booked to leave from Chicago..even though their App and online site STILL list everything as totally booked correctly..the flight number isn’t even correct.) They literally had me catching my 1st flight in Chicago before my flight from La Crosse even took place. Even though my itinerary shows I needed to leave from La Crosse. Imagine my face if I hadn’t caught the problem and showed up to the airport tomorrow.

Sigh** I’ve had 3 hours sleep by the way. The part that makes me angriest, is that I booked this entire thing way back in February. They had plenty of time to email or contact me and they NEVER did. I had to find out the day before my flight when I attempted to check-in with American Airlines.

In all I have been on hold and emailing all night. I’m totally knackered but I’m still going to work. I’m not letting my team down. Oh, and my store has been closing 2 hours early the last 2 night’s and will be again tonight. We usually close at 8…we’re closing at 6 pm.

update:** Cheapoair’s App is crap. They never updated anything and the itinerary is incorrect. It’s still listing me as leaving from La Crosse, which we all now know wasn’t ever done correctly. The La Crosse Airport doesn’t even have a flight listed for the time they have me on. I laughed with distain 20 min ago when I got a notification from the app saying “We’re good to go!” GOOD TO GO?  Cheapoair You can suck it!

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