Very upset

When I got home I went to Check-in for my flight on the 5th through American Airlines only…there is a problem. It doesn’t list La Crosse as my departure point. It starts me at Chicago. I was confused and checked my booking itinerary. They still have my details correct with me leaving La Crosse and being layover in Chicago. According to AA, the time it lists for me leaving Chicago is an hour BEFORE the booking has me leaving La Crosse. Someone’s information is wrong! What’s going on??? I was on hold trying to get ahold of AA for 2.5 hours until I finally had to give up because I work tomorrow and need to get to bed. I’ve spent soo much money on this trip. I don’t know what to do. I’m soo upset. I keep bursting into tears. Why is this happening to me just 1 day before my flight??


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