Knackered, but happy

I’m probably going to crash early tonight. I only got a few hours sleep last night. I get too wound up on travel days.

Today was slightly expensive.  I had to pay for my checked bag, some airport breakfast food, lunch, some groceries, and a Lyft to the Best Western. That stuff adds up quick. I have no idea how people who live here do it. I went to the corner grocery and bought bottled soda, orange juice, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a lunch sized bag of Sun chips and it cost me $20. Sheesh. It would have cost about $13 at home.

The people here are reacting to me. Lol Some seem leery (at first) of my cheerful greetings, while others seem to engage very quickly. They all warm up once we get to chatting though. A few looked at me as if they are wondering if I’m cracked in the head. (I’m not saying I’m not) I kinda dig the vibe here. The art is everywhere! I bet people have gotten so use to it they don’t realize how unique and special it is. Take my word for it! It’s unique. Most places don’t make art a priority.

I feel like I’m an alien a little.  Colorful creatures are surrounding me with their exotic ways. There are way more people here than in La Crosse. More to do here as well. Pretty sure I gaped too much at the sheer volume of murals and art here. Is it just me or are people here a bit more accepting? I mean, very accepting. In Wisconsin people tend to be a bit cranky (in my humble opinion) .

I didn’t know California has Jacaranda trees. They are in full bloom. I fell in love with them when I visited Arizona for the first time. They have a lot of plant life here. I didn’t expect that in the city.

I am discovering California is never what you expect, and I like that..very much.



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