Life is nothing, if not eventful

I’m finally here! The trip was interesting. From the sky the world looks like a tiny model with teensy houses and people.

There was a small hiccup with my B&B reservation. With all the changes the host got the dates confused. My room isn’t ready and I showed up with no access code to get in. My host was soo upset for the mistake, that she’s putting me up in the Best Western Convention Center for the night. She’s also refunding me that first night. I figure, as long as I get a place to sleep I’m kinda ok, wish it hadn’t happened but that’s adventuring for you!

I met the sweetest person. She works in the restaurant below the gallery I’m staying in, she let me stand in her place while I figured out what was going on with my reservation. They have really good burgers, just sayin.  Her names Denise. Now, I’m just about to go out and get some photos of the ultra cool art I see everywhere.

For now, here’s a photo of the view outside my window.


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