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Whelp! Now I’ve gone and done it! Changed the Theme of my phone. At 46 I am realizing that my mindset is getting old. I know this, because small changes annoy me. The reason I changed my phone theme, is that, though, I hate change, I don’t want to stop learning and growing. So, like the t-shirt says “I won’t give up, but I will curse!

Today I finished the inner section of my sewing project, cried a little bit, ordered pizza (Bacon, chicken and sun-dried tomatoes) and met the guy who lives/works at the gallery apartment next to me.

Oh, you caught the cried a little bit huh? Well, yeah. I love being here but, there is a pandemic and all and I’m a bit at odds with what to do with myself. I am having a blast but, the heat today forced me inside with the ac (now known as my new BFF. Don’t tell Kazza!) and I just kinda felt out of place suddenly. I’m ok now…mostly.

Originally I planned to do a lot more than this. Go to the art galleries, check out California Adventures, stealthily sneak out to Arch Motorcycle and leave the poem journal behind. You know, normal stuff. (Ok, ok..I wouldn’t have done that last thing. Because,  I’m a big giant coward Bekki and I don’t want to be weird. Going there would be a bit over the line. Sigh*) Still, I’d have at least mailed it…maybe. ::looks nervous:: Ok, probably not even that.

The problem is, I’m not the bother people type and my integrity won’t allow that kind of behavior. So, I probably won’t ever send it to him. Sigh* I wouldn’t even know where to send it anyway.

As a Capricorn I’m totally sucking lint here. Striking out hardcore.


Lastly, I wrote to the two Todd’s this week. Only I could make friends on a pen pal app and end up with 2 friends with the same first name. This could get confusing. I named the Canadian Todd “Maple Man” To be honest, it kinda suits him.

The other Todd lives in the UK and is in the Navy. He’s actually American, I think. Hmm. I’m thinking of calling him “Navy Blue” do you think he’d find that annoying? Not saying I’m not…

I worked on the book today, but I’ll be honest, it was soo hot I didn’t get much done. I’m such a Lightweight!!!

Below you will find a photo of the sewing piece status (the entire inner section is FINALLY done. It’s been in storage a long getting a lot done is good)

You’ll also find a photo of my computer. I vinyl-stickered the hell out of it and wanted to show it off.








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