Thinking things over

I am the queen of klutz. I took a walk to mull things over and managed to trip on the curb. Yup. Graceful, that’s me!

My wandering lead me to Panda Express and some honey chicken comfort food, and a CVS. I spent $80 in CVS. I’m not proud of it, but they had the arm braces I need for my job. At $22-$25 a pop, they are not cheap. Meh. I needed them so, the expense is acceptable.

I also stopped and bought ice cream. I should probably admit this now, my frig doesn’t ever not have ice cream. At work I walk 27,000 steps a day so, that’s my special secret life perk. Everything in my life is easier with ice cream. I can go without a lot, ice cream isn’t one of them.

Have you ever gone through a day not feeling particularly hungry, and then when you do finally get food, because you know you need to eat, and take a bite..suddenly you are freaking ravenous?

That’s me right now. I haven’t eaten all day and now I’m inhaling this Panda Express.


My fortune, in case you wondered is:

“Nurture your dreams!”

That’s what I’m trying to do dammit! Sigh*

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