Eating Vegan

I’ ve never eaten vegan before. Some of my family members are firm Vegans, so when I was told about there being a vegan place near where I am staying I thought I should give it a try. I mean, while I can’t say I am interested in being a vegan myself, I understand people wanting to live without eating animal products, and I support it. I figured I should try some and see what I thought.

I was understandably nervous. I had visions of someone taking one look at me and shouting “You eat meat you heathen!!!” but, of course, that didn’t happen.

Instead, they presented me with a Seabird menu and a smile. I was instructed to keep my mask on until the meal was brought to my table for me, at which time I could then take it off. It sounded fair to me.

I ordered the Old Town Grilled Cheese. The menu said it was made with cashew gruyere spread, creamy basil avocado sauce, and American cheese on Old Town sourdough. I also ordered something called: Natural Cut Fries, made with house seasoning salt, served with ketchup and Seabirds sauce.

I’ll tell you what! That meal was delish! I ate like it was going out of style. To be honest I haven’t eaten much today. I only have 1 day left here (tomorrow) as I leave at 4 am on the 15th. So, I have been limiting the groceries I am leaving behind. I don’t want to waste food.

I’m pretty sure what made me love that dish was the cashew gruyere spread on that sourdough bread. I licked my fingers!

Now I am doing something incredibly weird. I am reading through the Hamilton Chapters aloud and contemplating how it sounds to the ear. I am happy with Chapter 1, I don’t think I can improve upon it. Chapter 2 needs better flow. It’s too choppy and Chapter 3 is, mostly done. It needs something to make it perfect. As for chapters 4 and 5, I think they are almost as good as Chapter 1.

Getting there…a bit.

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