Home sweet home!

I am such a home-loving girl! Although I have a deep love of travel, nothing feels quite as nice as coming home.

I didn’t sleep as well during my vacation (black walls, loud noises and a lack of my things around me) and that was pretty obvious when I got home.

I have this strange thing about planes. Even on 9 hour flights to the UK I can’t bring myself to sleep on a plane. I have a unique ability to stay awake for about 24 hours before I need to sleep.

This ability comes as a result of traveling back-and-forth from PA to Florida on a number of occasions with an ex-husband who is prone to falling asleep at the wheel. (Imagine the most freaked-out awake person you can imagine and that was me on these trips)

Since I didn’t drive myself (there is a reason for this trust me!) I always was made to feel quite responsible and guilty for not assisting in the driving. If my ex had been even a little less rigid about spending money for a hotel for the night, we might not have had any issues. Anyway, the need to watch him earned me a special ability to stay awake.

So, basically, I tend to collapse into sleep the moment it is safe to do so. (This was once to the great amusement of my ex in the UK as this often meant driving me to his flat with me completely passed out in his back-seat after picking me up from the airport) (I always get jet lag…always.)

When I got to the airport I had to negotiate (plead and beg) for a taxi to pick me up, which they did. I then took my arse off to the grocery store because I have no food in my frig (I have food in my freezer, but mama needs some V8 splash ok!!)

Once I did finally unpack and chill the f out, I was much better. (I can’t relax until I’ve completely unpacked and set everything to rights first)

I know I was happy to be home because I fell asleep the minute I let myself lie down at about 8 pm. I woke this morning at 11 am. That’s a lot of snoring.

Now there is giant mountain of laundry silently laughing at me. Sigh*

Work tomorrow. Hmmm..




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