Tarot/Astrology Crossover

Isn’t it weird when Astrology and Tarot form a connection? It’s like the universe saying “Yes! This is definitely you!”

Just thought I’d share the card I pulled for TMW5T’S. Clearly, since it’s reversed, he needs to re-read his Virgo Sun in the 12th house, Cancer Moon in the 11th house, and POF in Cancer.



I’ve summarized all 3 below:

Virgo Sun, 12th house.

“This native needs to be particularly conscious of the habit of staying in relationships whereby they are doing everything for their partners. They are so generous and helpful that their partners might fall into the habit of letting this native do everything for them, to the point that, they become entirely dependent and lose their sense of individualism, the very thing that probably made the Virgo Sun native notice them in the first place.

This habit can be destructive for the native, as they unconsciously create within their partner, a personality conflict that over-time, they will come to resent, even if they are, in fact, the reason this trait manifested in the first place.

Being aware of this habit is key to avoiding it. This native needs a partner that has a high sense of individualism or independence about them. The native will feel uncomfortable with this independent behavior, because of their natural bad habit to over-nurture and needs to be aware that this discomfort is actually because they are being forced into a balance that has, thus far, been absent within their life. This growth might be painful, but it’s also completely beneficial.

Despite this annoy trait in their partner of being “Too Independent” this type of partner is exactly what our Virgo Sun in the 12th house needs to be healthy and in proper balance with their chosen mate. By being consciously aware of this trait and the fact that it will “annoy” them slightly, they can actually come to enjoy the friction of building healthy boundaries.”

Cancer Moon, 11th house

“If he takes care of someone too much he dissolves his connection to his masculine identity. He starts to forget his purpose and his role in the relationship. Which is why he needs, needs, needs to embrace the need for healthy boundaries. Hers and his own.”

Part of Fortune in Cancer:

“Fear of being left alone, fear of a lack of control, fear of conflict.

When they were young, this native may have had a tendency to let others have their way. From wanting to please everyone and disliking conflict, they might have become known as “the easy-going one”. The problem is that people aren’t always wanting to be “easy” on the inside. As a result, there might be a bit of self-repression going on. Those with this issue fear the conflict that would come from speaking their mind and letting all that pent up anger out. They may have lived a life of passivity with an underlying anger and/or self-recrimination for not standing their ground more thoroughly.”

“Basically, people are allowed to be a cranky bastard on occasion, it’s ok. No, really! It’s ok to not go along with something just because it isn’t something one feels like doing. You don’t have to give up what you want just so someone else is happy all the time.”

Kinda scary accurate isn’t it?


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