Joseph Lallo always gives me the giggles

Seriously! I’m reading Temporal Contingency and it straight up caused me to giggle inappropriately long.

Lex is being tortured by not one, but 2 versions of the AI computer system called “Ma”. One is the AI for the really small ship he is using called “Lump of Coal” and the other is an AI animal, which resembles a hybrid of a Fox and a Skunk, which he calls a Funk. They just decided to make life easier for Lex by naming the “Ma” ship version Coal, and leaving the Funk version as the originally name of “Ma” as Lex was getting confused. The ship version has been degrading from errors in her system and suggested that she be deleted. The conversation that followed made me giggle a lot. Especially as the “S-list” has been mentioned in previous books.

I’m posting the highlighted text below. Truly, Joseph Lallo always makes his characters vivid, sometimes hilariously annoying, and still somehow quite sweetly endearing. I highly recommend reading his many different book series’. The Freewrench series is my absolute favorite of them all, though the Big Sigma series IS a close second.



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