Dear Trans kid,

I wrote this letter to my son, but I think there are kids out there who never get to hear this and maybe, need to. So, I’m posting it.

All kids are my kids. It’s just the way I am built. I’d take all kids as mine if it were allowed. I am, at the core of myself, in love with kids. I find them wonderfully filled with possibilities for growth and expansion. They are, and will always be, the reason I love being alive.

So, if you are a trans-kid and feel a bit lost, maybe let this letter fill your heart-space with the love of a mom that loves you, even if I’m not the mom or dad you have been given, maybe..for this moment, I can be the mom or dad you need. I’m happy to fill that need for you. Major hugs! ❤

Dear Transkid, thank you for being trans. Thank you for teaching me how to listen and learn and love as a mom using her heart to see you, who is just wanting to be yourself, the real you, accepted and loved as the you that you really are inside.

Thank you for being patient with me. Correcting my misconceptions and challenging my views. Thank you for making me a more aware and educated person. Thank you for making me stretch to meet you. Thank you for teaching me what brave looks like. Thank you for giving me reasons to stand up instead of stay silent. Thank you for leading the way.

I know it isn’t always easy. I know sometimes it’s scary and you feel alone. Thank you, for being an amazing person who continues to be a force for good in this world.

Thank you. Thank you for being Trans. Because of you, I know how strong my love is and, how much there is to love about you. You make me more than I knew I could be. For you, I am growing into a stronger person. Because of you I am learning that I have a limitless capacity for love. Oh! Thank you for that! Thank you!

I have always supported LGBTQ communities, but you help me learn what those letters stand for. What true bravery looks like. So, thank you. You are something truly wondrous to me. I love you.
I love you as yourself and always will. Press these words to your forehead, insert them into your spine. Brand them into the fabric of your soul, so in moments that feel rife with pain and conflict you know, without a shade of doubt, that you are loved. You wondrously glorious person, you are loved. Soo..soo loved. Never give up. I am with you. Always.

Love, Mom


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