2 cats with cream faces

(For Kazza and Brett.)

I’m puffed up by loving you
Making you laugh, knowing I put that laughter inside you.
Making you smile, like seeing sunlight appear, and knowing,
that this small insignificant me, somehow knew how to welcome the sun.
You ruin me for other men, because knowing I have the power to love you right,
means that I must be something valuable, but also valued.
You make me shine.
You make me glow.
Your love turns this simple girl into a goddess.
Wherever I walk is paved in gold.
If I am a work of art,
it is because you recognized the worth in my crafting,
the way hardship shaped me.
The way you hold me, tells me
I am more than just a statue.
I was wrought by life, into something strong and beautiful,
but it was seeing how my love affected you
that truly made me aware,
that I am exquisite.
It is in loving you, that I find my vanity.
My greatest joy, is in knowing your heart is home within the proximity of my own and that, with each threading of my needle,
my heart sews us closer together.
Ah, yes! I am proud of this.
I am too pleased with my own ability to love you better than you have ever been loved.
Within the simplicity that is my love, is a small and heartfelt smugness that you pin in place alongside your own.
We are two cats with cream faces and I, would change nothing.

(A tribute to a couple of cool cats)

Update: Kazza’s reaction to the poem. I think she liked it. 😎


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