Left field isn’t my friend

I wasn’t expecting this.

Today was a difficult and trying day, legit! It was hot, sweaty, and incredibly curse inducing. The new guy walked off the job during my days off (after only being there 1 week). Therefore, I already knew, going into this week, that I was going to have to work alone even though 4th of July week is insanely busy. My buddy Doug deserves his days off, just as I do, so I don’t begrudge him even though it’s double the work.

The thing is, 93° weather, wearing a mask, and working double the load, makes a hard day feel even harder, especially with the high humidity we’ve been having this Summer.

So, basically I wasn’t at my best today. I was a determined, slightly manic, and cursing like a sailor version of myself (rarely seen certainly, but today was on my last nerve)

And they called me inside for a meeting where they presented me with this:


Well, shit.

I sure was glad they couldn’t see how startled I was under my mask. I seriously almost broke into sobs.

I told them “Now I wish I hadn’t cursed soo much today!” They all laughed but I was serious. Lol

I was glad my mask hid the fact that I was terribly self-conscious. I really, really, really hate being the center of attention, especially if someone is gonna make me go all weepy and stuff. OMG! I always want to hide when people call attention to me, even if it’s good stuff. Especially if it’s good stuff!

I ended by asking “Who wants to come out and help me put the rest of the carts in?” To which they all played along and pretended to avoid my eyes. Lol That made me giggle.

Cindy made me laugh by saying “They probably realized how much they rely on you while you were on vacation and they had to do your job” which made me laugh because, that is kinda usually the case.

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