I just bought 2 new work shirts for Fall. (One in an Army Green shade and the other in a Pumpkin shade)

I have never really owned any green shirts so, I was kinda taken aback by how much I like myself in this damned shirt.

Every time I go into the bath (wash my hands, brush my teeth) I catch sight of myself and genuinely feel a bit silly because a voice in my head says I look cute. I actually think that to myself (you should be quite versed in my strange mind-talk thing by now)

I keep thinking progressively more hilarious things at my reflection. It’s become some dorky self game I’m playing. Like, I’ll look at myself and say stuff like “Well, hello there beautiful!” or “What’s up with this. come hither hair today?” or even “Smokin hot girl! Get some!”

It’s gotten so bad I make up excuses to wash my hands just to see what reflection me will say next. Hah! Yes, I am this weird and silly. I love this me a lot! Thanks for asking.

So..here are 2 photos of this strange person who keeps telling me I’m cute. What an interesting life I live.


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