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Today was pure hell. The sun, it burns! It was, as expected, purely horrid working a busy holiday alone. I had support from my co-workers, but was, essentially, alone for most of my shift. It was soo freaking hot! The humidity was killer. I sweat soo much I was sweating salt out through my pores. I didn’t even know that was a THING! I was confused because I thought I had dirt all over me, until someone explained. They told me to drink Powerade. Lots of Powerade. Lots and Lots!!

Here is a quote I found about it online:

“While too much sodium in your diet can be unhealthy, skipping salt altogether isn’t necessarily the solution. Sodium is a critical electrolyte that, along with potassium and chloride, helps to deliver water to your body’s cells. That means a diet that’s too low in sodium can actually increase your risk of dehydration.

You may have noticed after a particularly sweaty workout or day in the sun that your skin can feel a bit gritty. That grit is actually salt that leaves your body along with water when you sweat. In order to properly rehydrate, you need to replace any sodium you lose.” (Source article can be found here)

I am sore in places not fit to mention in polite company..hell, even the non-naughty bits are yelling!

My feet and my legs hurt the most. The pain makes sitting them flat absolutely impossible. The dull ache this produces is almost scream inducing.

I only have to work until 6:30 tomorrow. That is, if I can get a Lyft vehicle to take me to work in the first place. The buses aren’t running. I did warn my management just in case. I am…sigh** also scheduled alone tomorrow.

My weekend is going to be resting. I promised my body. I am horribly exhausted. I hate that being exhausted makes me more snappish toward other people. I really, really hate that I get grumpier the more pain that I am in.

I AM a Capricorn, after all! But still, being snarky isn’t nice, even if everyone tells me they understand. I’ll try harder. Stress just really messes up my normal equilibrium.

I will get through this. It just really, really hurts.

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