Conversations and closure

My ex M and I had a long conversation over the phone. It’s strange the things you open up about after all is said and settled. It’s like we know each other well enough to tell the truth without any extra bullshit anymore. (See what I mean about July and this weird thing that happens?)

He’s drawing again and that’s a good sign. He stopped painting for many years. The fact he’s doing it again says a lot for his happiness. I’m glad, truly glad. Our friendship survived our break-up and that’s kinda neat. It’s been long enough that I doesn’t hurt to discuss the whole thing honestly. I think I made another step toward completeness today.

He sent me his version of my recent photo as a joke. I told him I’m cuter than that and to do better. 😎


I am not interested in being messed about by anyone anymore. I’d rather be alone than get my heart stomped again.

That’s where I’m at.


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