Ok. It’s real now and I’m sweating a bit over it. My good friend TauBeta is copy/editing my book for me. He’s an author himself and knows what works and what doesn’t. His opinion matters because he’s also one of my Slowly Pen-pals.

What if it’s horrible and he has to break it to me gently? What if he thinks my writing errors are 2nd grade level?

:::bites nails::: My baby is being examined for errors.

Everybody panic!!!!!

I’ll be ok.

I’ll be ok.

I’ll be…..where is the ice cream in this joint?

The really hopeful bit, is that if he thinks it’s good and the errors fixable, I might actually be submitting my book to possible publishers.

Ok…not helping the stress levels by thinking about that just yet.

I’m gonna go stress clean.


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