Busy Bee

I’ve had a busy day. I went to Menard’s and bought potting soil, 2 floor mats, coat hooks, picture frames and a brand new pot for Ping to stretch out his roots.

I walked home, so you can imagine how much fun it was lugging a 10 pound bag of soil all the way home, but I finally made it.

I repotted Don Prickles, Ping, and Miss Kitty. It made a small mess, but I was mostly prepared for it. Have I mentioned how glad I am for my vacuum purchase?


After I spritzed my babies with a lil fertilizer (Miracle Grow) I turned my sights onto my art wall. I got my Child-like Empress back in place of honor and added my Lea Barozzi art (4 pieces) to the wall. I also hung my Norwegian Fox Folk Art piece, and my Australian animals lithos from Kazza.


I was tentative about the size of the Disney prints and I’m glad I didn’t buy frames for them yet, they are bigger than I anticipated. I’ll need to do them another day.

I finished off by hanging up 2 silver coat hooks for my coats.


Pretty pleased with myself.

Now, I’m about to tuck in on a nice chicken and vegetable salad with a glass of coke.

I’m having a fantastic day off!

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