Learning to love

Dear KR,

It was never about learning to love you. I did that immediately, with just one revealing look into your soul. No, it was about finding the answers for you. Explaining what I see within you that, for whatever reason, you cannot yet see in yourself.

I wrote it all down. These bright, beautiful aspects of you, so that, when the time came to heal, you could walk that lonely path with brightly colored stones laid at your feet, giving you something to keep walking for. Something to focus on when the fear and worry crept in. When the truths of yourself hurt to accept. When the grace of you was harder still to believe.

How were you to know those bright stones were mirrors? That your own soul was being reflected outward from my heart that sees and accepts you unconditionally.

Those pretty stones are clues to the reflections you cast onto others, but fail to recognise as part of you.

Learn to love you? No baby, this work has forever been about helping you love yourself.

The love I have for you..was there from well before I ever picked up a pen to write.

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