The Ubiquitous Tome

This book is one of my absolute favorite ideas.

These are some of my imagined chapter names:

The Ubiquitous Tome:


Chapter one: A Literary discovery
Chapter two: As blank as a polar  bears butt
Chapter three: Mightier than the sword
Chapter four: The Great Game
Chapter five: The Rules of the Game
Chapter six: Accepting the challenge
Chapter seven: Meet your teammates
Chapter eight: Magic anyone?
Chapter nine: Ubiquitous: Everywhere at once.
Chapter ten: The unknown universe
Chapter eleven: Ally on Earth
Chapter twelve: Rivals aplenty
Chapter thirteen: A Sinister plot
Chapter fourteen: Things are about to get sticky
Chapter fifteen: An Urgent cry
Chapter sixteen: There’s an alien in my bedroom
Chapter seventeen: So that’s where I left that
Chapter eighteen: A startling discovery
Chapter nineteen: A conflict of interest
Chapter twenty: A twisted truth
Chapter twenty-one: To each his own
Chapter twenty-two: Frowning faces and angry places
Chapter twenty-three: You want me to what?
Chapter twenty-four: The Final Challenge
Chapter twenty-five: We won what?
Chapter twenty-six: The end is my beginning

If you’d like to read Chapters 1 and 2 of this book click below:

Chapter one: A literary discovery

Chapter two: As blank as a polar bear’s butt

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