Learning about Heyoka Empaths

I watched this YouTube video and now I’m wondering if this is the type of empath that I am. It matches up with many unusual things in my personality. I already know I am an empath, but I’ve always felt different from other empathic types. Weird. Could this be why?

All 7 of the signs are accurate to me and I blushed a few times because they aren’t exactly “good” traits..nonetheless they do, indeed match me..if I’m honest..and I always am when it comes to my shadow path.

Update: Corroborating evidence that is giving me goosebumps.

“How do you know if you are a Heyoka?

Traditional signs that you are a Heyoka include being born breech, being dyslexic, being emotionally unpredictable, doing things backwards, being left-handed and thinking differently to others.”

Um…Holy crap!!! I am literally ALL OF THOSE!

“If you can feel other people’s emotions and instinctively know what they need to heal, you may be a Heyoka. You may also notice that when you have a deep conversation with someone, they often experience life-changing insights.”

“Perhaps you help people to heal through humor, or point out the ridiculous nature of a situation, in which case, you are using Heyoka energy. If you often find people are surprised or shocked by what you say or do, but then come round to your way of thinking and are able to move forward in their lives, then you are most certainly a Heyoka.”

I am totally freaking out here people!!

Many people tell me that my way of seeing things startles them because I phrase things or explain them in a way that leads them forward. I have never seen it explained this way and it is 100%, what I do. I feel kinda tingly and warm about this. It feels accurate and oddly enough reassuring.

More research is definitely needed.

Source: Learning Mind

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