Dear God,

If you EVEN think about taking my sister from me, I kid you NOT!, I will find my way into heaven and KICK YOUR BEARDED ASS!!

Please pray for my sisters quick recovery. I’m freaking out and she’s cool as a cucumber.

She’s got an appendicitis and they discovered a tumor, now she needs her appendix removed AND a hysterectomy. I don’t care of she does work in the hospital! She’s my Shay and she’s precious to me.

“It’s a simple procedure Bekki” and “I’m fine, really! It’s just a small tumor and hysterectomy!”

Fuck that! If my sister goes I’m going to beat asses!

Update** My Shay is ok! My BIL called (because my Shay knows me incredibly well and knew I’d be fretting) and let me know when Shay got out of the operating room. He told me she’s resting and doing really well. I hung up the phone and burst into tears. Why did I cry after she was finally ok? I’m soo weird.

The hysterectomy is worrisome, as is the fact they found a tumor. It’s going to affect her emotionally I don’t care what she says.

Being all “perfectly reasonable” my Shay. Perfectly reasonable my foot! I see you my sister! I see you. I’m not fooled, but I am here.


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