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Linus Larrabee: So, that really is a beautiful name. How did you get it?
Sabrina: My father’s reading. It’s in a poem.
Linus Larrabee: Oh?
Sabrina : “Sabrina fair, listen where thou art sitting under the glassy, cool, translucent wave, in twisted braids of lilies knitting the loose train of thy amber-dropping hair.”
Sabrina : [laughs to herself]  It’s an incredible airplane – it’s beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Linus Larrabee : Ah, yes.
[returns to reading his work papers] 
Sabrina : Don’t you ever look out the window?
Linus Larrabee : When do I have time?
Sabrina : What happened to all that time we saved taking the helicopter?
Linus Larrabee : [lightheartedly]  I’m storing it up.
Sabrina : [seriously]  No, you’re not.
Linus Larrabee : [pause]  So, your little poem – what does it mean?
Sabrina : It’s the story of a water sprite who saved a virgin from a fate worse than death.
Linus Larrabee : And Sabrina’s the virgin.
Sabrina : [quietly]  Sabrina’s the savior.

Here we learn about something very subtle. The misunderstanding Linus consistently has about himself. He sees himself as the strong one, the privileged son,  because of his position in society, his drive, his ambition, his mind. He’s all up in his head and completely unaware that it is he, and not Sabrina, who most needs saving. He cannot save himself..He cannot see he is drowning. He is the virgin. He is lost in his own inability to see himself as longing for something. It comes and whacks him in the head, this thing he cannot name..that delights his inner heart and makes him unsettled. He knows what he is..but cannot understand what he is not.

I have always adored Linus, because he loves and cares soo deeply that he cannot bear his own heart. He’s sensitive and loving but only feels valued for his mind, and soo his mind is all he shows. Completely unaware that it is his heart that is the most precious part of himself.

He wants her though..don’t be mistaken. Some shoved down part of Linus is absolutely entranced and drawn to her. He wants her more than he can physically stand and so, he works very very hard to hide his feelings even from himself until it is almost too late.

I always thought Linus was a Capricorn, but here, I realize..he is literally depicted as the Virgin in the movie. He is a Virgo 100%.

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