The path of the way

Today I cleaned, rearranged, and did a lot of thinking.

Soo many parts of this world are undergoing a massive change. We are being forced, as people, to grow. We have ever been a planet in its infancy. The time has come and, as it is with all change, some embrace this change, whilst others fight it. The change still happens, but those in power always struggle to maintain that power.

As we have learned, having too much power disconnects people from their core and disconnection brings a loss of empathy and love. There is soo much we can become, but people don’t like the shifting paradigm. We distract ourselves from the truth with games, movies, music and social media. We dull our sense of discontent behind sex, drugs and alcohol. We desperately try NOT to notice that we need to change. We are soo afraid..but our guides have ever been with us..if we just let them speak and trust in the path.

Change is coming.

Me? It’s a change I long to see. With my own growth, I have learned that fear is how you know what direction to go in. What you fear is where you go. Why? Because people always fear places they have never been. With growth there is always fear attempting to stop you from abandoning the ego to find the new lessons outside us. We don’t fear where we have always known, but where we are isn’t content. It isn’t happy. It’s just the unhappy we are use to. If this path has taught me anything, it has taught me that with embracing change comes new understanding and greater possibilities for improvement. I don’t fear self-reflection. It is where the better me is growing.


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