What the hell is happening?

I have 4 sisters, 4! And every stinking one of them is going through health issues. How the fuck is the unhealthiest of us 5 (namely me since I am, and have always been, the original couch potato/ book-nerd queen) the one experiencing the least health issues? Is it just not my turn yet and I don’t know it?

Joey D has been diagnosed with severe advanced spinal arthritis.

Michelle just had a freaking stroke this week!

Shay, had and appendicitis and had her appendix removed last week AND they discovered a freaking tumor on her uterus!

And Leann was diagnosed with MDS in January!

My heart hurts a lot. I hardly ever see my sisters and they are all apparently falling apart.

Why does getting old equate to bodies breaking down? I’m only 46 for fucks sake! (Spell-checker tried to change that to ducks and I switched it back. I can curse if I want you asshole!)

Ps. I’m cussing cause I care so sue me!

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