“Is it strange then, to love you though, we have never met? Is it beyond the bounds and past the point of delicacy? Should I blush now? Should I hide my face and tilt my eyes downward? Is loving you something shameful and disrespectful? Am I to be mocked and chided?”

“Yes, I know. Many love you. Many. But, you don’t trust love, do you? You think it’s not for you. You think it can’t be found in a working man’s realm where deadlines and scripts must come first, right?”

“And yet. And yet. And yet I confound you with it. This seeing of you through every mask and shield. Scare you and enrage you even? Make you nuts with my heart that sees you? Loves you anyway. Yeah, loves you anyway.”

“Yes, I love you..though every single person I encounter would call me every kind of fool. It’s not that I don’t know..it’s that I can’t change what is. It just is. It just exists. It melded quite some time ago with my spine, my heart, my breath. It exists because you do.”

“I see you without filter. Without make-up and without charm. I see you…dirty, disheveled and wondrously lost.”

“You fit inside my heart..that’s all I know. It’s a place you’ve been for ever so long now.”

“Is it strange then?”


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